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Canada: Bus facilitate people

Major cities such as Vancouver and Toronto, have a fairly mature public transport system. To facilitate and encourage residents to use public transportation, these cities on the one hand set up by the bus, tram, metro, suburban railway and other transport network composed of ease of travel, while also providing passengers with a diverse, humane purchase options .

Toronto: plenty of choice

Look at Toronto. In Canada's largest city, cars, trams and subway and other public transport, regardless of distance, are to implement a vote system. Moreover, the implementation of joint ticket between the various modes of transport, that is to buy a ticket, you can use several means of transport between, until you reach the destination, passengers no longer need to buy a ticket.

Toronto buses, trams and metro Toronto unified municipal management subsidiary of Toronto Department of Transportation. Department of Transportation for the convenience of residents and developed many different forms and ticket prices.

According to April 1, 2006 the relevant provisions from the public, residents can now purchase the following options:

First, pay cash, with the ride with the purchase. 2.75 Canadian dollars per adult (1 U.S. dollar equals 1.1 Canadian dollars), children under 12 years old, over 65 and students with valid documents in can enjoy various preferential rate, and free for children under 24 months.

Second, advance tickets or tokens to buy more and more provinces. 10.5 one-time purchase of 5 Canadian dollars, 10 of 21 Canadian dollars, for children, students and the elderly have different range of benefits.

3, 8.5 plus Mongol votes, limited time travel. Day ticket points or groups of individuals and families of two votes. Individual tickets 7 days a week including statutory holidays are available, families and groups are limited to voting on Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays to use. Day tickets start from day to day transport services, 5:30 and effective. The number of families or groups are limited: two adults or an adult with five children under the age of 19, and then, or 2 adults with 4 children under the age of 19.

4, weekly, 30 votes in Canadian adult / week, students and the elderly votes 23.75 Canadian dollars / week.

5, monthly, adult tickets 99.75 CAD / month, students and the elderly votes 83.75 CAD / month. If a purchase in December of the pass, can offer a month's fare.

For passenger car when the transfer or transfer subway, take the driver to a transfer that enable votes to transfer to another road car or subway, until the destination do not have to buy a ticket. If the transfer to the ground from the subway traffic, you need to take the subway ticket gate at the entrance to transfer tickets. Be noted that the transfer ticket only one-way traffic routes in continuous use in the interchange.

Toronto buses are generally the front door on the train, get off at the door. Passengers get off before you pull the station's bell to inform the driver side window. Toronto has two subway lines. First to the city center, was surrounded by U-North and South; the other one is through the city extending to the East and West, similar to Beijing's subway line.

Vancouver: People First Convenience

Look at Vancouver. This is an internationally recognized most livable cities, its public transport infrastructure is as advanced, close to the people is very convenient feature to set the fares.

As a port city, Vancouver's public transportation, including: bus, suburban railway and the sea bus (ferry boat). Rapid Urban Railway trains and buses are unmanned sea, by the scheduling remote computer equipment room. Traffic and passenger flow is adapted, with very few passengers crowding. Of three interconnected transport ticketing, tickets can be within the specified time after the general, no longer need to purchase half-way interchange.

Vancouver bus fare level determined by two factors: traffic hours and journey length. Time is divided into: working days from work to 6:30 p.m.; days after 18:30 and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays all day. Measured across several regions of the journey Zeyi. Greater Vancouver transit network coverage area is in turn divided into: an area, including Vancouver; Second District, including North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond and the airport; three areas that the rest of Greater Vancouver. A bit like what the Chinese call the city center, suburbs and outer suburbs.

Specifically, the working days from work to 6:30 p.m. during the journey in one area, the fare is 2.25 Canadian dollars, price of 1.5 Canadian dollars; distance in a second area, the fare is 3.25 Canadian dollars , the Canadian dollar price of 2; distance across the three areas, the fare is 4.5 Canadian dollars, Canadian dollars price 3. Working day after 18:30 and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays all day, regardless of journey length, Priced at 2.25 Canadian dollars, price of 1.5 Canadian dollars. Children aged 5 to 13 years old, 14-year-old to 19-year-old students and the elderly aged over 65 with valid ID can enjoy the discount. And free for children under 4 years old. However, this vote does not apply inter-city express train on the west coast of Vancouver.

Meanwhile, Vancouver's public transportation commuters can purchase according to their need to select packages, day passes and monthly cards, different areas have different fares.

Been to Toronto and Vancouver, know that, although a large population of cities, their public transport is in order, practical, simple, convenient

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2006 IPTV in China Summit less what?

2006 for the development of IPTV in China should be a memorable year. Held in Shanghai in September of this year's first IPTV content industry in 2006 Conference, to end yesterday, IPTV in China Summit in 2006, all convey a message; that the industry is moving towards a pragmatic phase. The signs are:

First, Chinese business model is emerging. So far, 60,000 users in Harbin, Shanghai has been to distribute telephone numbers, Hangzhou, and cable TV has become so integrated model.

To Harbin, for example, now widely available under the above package of different programs, rates have 20,38,60 yuan / months. VOD according to 1 yuan / Department of the price can be provided to the audience of more than 100 copyrighted movies.

Second, the initial clear content policies. This year, SARFT issued the "dissemination of information networks such as the Internet audio-visual program management approach" has become a guiding document, above, CCTV can be widely and legally available to the IPTV content.

Third, IPTV has differentiated the content of the performance differences as follows:

1 times.鐩存挱鑺傜洰鍙互鏆傚仠锛岃嚜鐢辫繘閫?紝鐢佃鑺傜洰48灏忔椂鍥炵湅銆?br />
銆??銆?銆佺偣鎾苟瀹炵幇浜掑姩锛岀數瑙嗘姇绁ㄣ?鐢佃鐞嗚储銆?br />


銆??锛?锛夋娆″嘲浼氬箍鐢电己甯紝鍒板満鐨勯瀵间互淇℃伅浜т笟浣撶郴涓轰富锛屽箍鐢佃涓氱殑鐩稿叧閮ㄩ棬閮芥湭鍑哄腑銆傝繖璇存槑鍦ㄤ粖澶╄繖涓珵鍚堜紶鎾椂浠o紝鐢典俊涓庡箍鐢典袱涓涓氾紝灏氭湁璁稿鏀跨瓥鏁忔劅闂闇?瑙e喅銆傚鏋滅數淇$殑缃戠粶鍙互鍋氳鍚數瑙嗕笟鍔★紝閭d箞骞跨數鐨勭綉缁滄槸鍚︿篃鍙互鍋氱數璇濇垨鍏朵粬鐢典俊涓氬姟锛岃涓氱殑寮?斁搴︿笌绠$悊棰嗗煙鐨勫垝鍒嗗皢濡備綍杩涜锛?br />
銆??锛?锛夋娆″嘲浼氫互鎶?湳涓庤繍钀ュ晢涓轰富锛屽唴瀹规彁渚涘晢鍩烘湰缂哄腑锛屼骇涓氶摼鏄庢樉涓嶅鍧囪 銆傜鎶?槸绗竴鐢熶骇鍔涳紝鐘瑰褰撳勾鏁板瓧鐢佃鐨勮捣姝ワ紝鍏ㄩ潰鐨勭Н鏋佺殑鎺ㄥ姩鑰呭氨鏄柊鎶?湳骞冲彴鐨勮澶囩敓浜у晢涓庣郴缁熼泦鎴愬晢锛屽洜涓哄叾闂村法澶х殑鍟嗕笟鍒╃泭浣胯繖涓樀钀ユ垚涓烘渶娲昏穬鐨勮涓氭帹鍔ㄧ兢浣撱?鑰岃繍钀ュ晢鍑轰簬鎴樼暐鐨勮?铏戯紝涓嶅緱涓嶄互闀胯繙鍒╃泭涓洪噸锛岃偐鎵涢噸鎷呭紑濮嬪紑鐤嗚緹鍦熺殑鑹拌嫤宸ヤ綔銆?br />




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Printing Machinery "pioneers", "English Education" story

In April 2005 as a mid-spring sunny Friday afternoon, a small size, the decoration simple but very clean office, a young man dressed in casual wear, furrowed brow, a moment to sit down, while another station up in the office paced. This is very competent and young people up who he is? Why did he so anxious? He seems to be waiting for the arrival of Who?

He is the national large-scale printing machinery manufacturer - Henry Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. Beijing Chen Feng, general manager of rock. Henry Chen is in Beijing well-known "high-tech enterprise", is famous printing machinery manufacturer, mainly produce for the outside carton packaging printing machines and sheet-fed gravure printing outside the flexible sheet-fed (polishing) machine. Chen Henry company not only has strong technical force and advanced manufacturing technology, also has the perfect after-sales service system, among major cities across the country, with sales and service maintenance outlets.

As a nationally recognized leader in large traditional manufacturing companies, how will such a vibrant bright spring and then his face was covered with gloom? He was waiting for whom? What he is not pressing things to address right away?

It turned out like this: With the increasingly fierce market competition, rapid development in the Ching Henry, while also experiencing modern enterprise management requirements. With the growing size of enterprise, the traditional management alone can not meet the requirements of enterprise development, it is difficult to achieve enterprise management level, as early as the beginning of 2004, Henry's manager Chen recognized the need to help Advanced management software to improve management level and enhance production efficiency, through careful study of the market first Shangle Tao CRM system to carry out customer relationship management, Dan reality the large amounts of interoperability within the enterprise to the slow processing, fast response Bugou Deng Neibu process management mechanism of the shortage, but it is powerless and can not be solved CRM, after analysis, as traditional companies, employees in the knowledge structure, age structure and the differences in computer penetration is high, particularly widespread computer applications Comparing the level of the weak phenomenon. CRM systems can not resolve this fundamental issue of corporate governance and management of the overall problem of reality, Chen began to re-examine Henry, decided to start from the management infrastructure, through the application of OA system, renovating, "love" CRM's Henry Chen began "faithless" the.

A knock rang, Feng Yan guests arrived, and he is the only one with national influence in collaborative product manufacturer's sales representative UF Zhiyuan. UF Zhi Yuan is China's largest management software, ERP software and financial software vendors UF's professional collaboration software products company, has been working with "product-based" approach to provide customers with the scale, standardization of collaborative product services and through the application of collaborative management to achieve synergy value.

Zhi Yuan Feng total sales representative to recommend a set of collaborative management system software UFIDA Zhiyuan, this is the only product of a highly standardized collaborative software, customers not only through constant upgrades to continue to enjoy the standard of service while the application is also free from the shackles of traditional OA directly up to the collaborative management, the traditional industrial enterprises, especially manufacturing industry, many customers are already successful application of proof of this.

After a half-day detail, presentation, analysis and verification, to be prudent, Chen Henry's leadership decided to try to pass a more comprehensive understanding of UF Zhiyuan collaborative management software.

Later, after 5 days of installation, commissioning, training, deployment and initialization, running into the line, Henry Chen for all employees have a set of their own, can easily master and flexible use of office software was very pleased excited. After a month of trial, Chen Henry the traditional state-owned enterprises typical quality characteristics of corporate human resources at an alarming rate even gradually develop a new type of cooperative management practices: building fewer people in the shuttle, the noise becomes quiet , the complex becomes structured, process has become smoother, the permissions become clear. After work, we will report a first collaboration to: look up the company announced the latest column dynamics and the day of work plans; see if there is a new collaboration to deal with; see if there are new messages; to archive documents have been processed; led a mission does not matter, you can remotely approval; through the interconnected system into CRM customer management system, to know our customers circumstances. Of course this is only part of collaborative management system. Do not need to leave the comfortable office chair, with one click of the mouse, all went ahead, organized! Collaborative management system is quietly changing the habits of office Henry Chen, Office of the corridor will be heard from time to time the "Popular": "Feng total, the file I give you the synergy," "you put the case coordination thing to me "... ...

Probation, Zhen Yan Feng, general manager Henry, recognized that: a traditional industrial enterprises must recognize that the road construction in the information actually is full of a variety of risks, a phased development of information technology, can not "stop-gap", first lay a solid management foundation from the start. Market, there have been similar to the UF Zhiyuan collaborative management standard products such as collaborative OA, collaborative product development of OA of the application functionality is based on advanced business management theory and management of enterprises of different types of cases on the basis of abstract out of, combined with the practical application of continuous improvement, with mature, stable performance, not only can avoid the risk of the project, has speeded up the implementation of speed to quickly see the benefits, and the largest value of the enterprise is able to quickly lay a computer work, work with cultural practices. On this basis, then further to the development and implementation of CRM, ERP, etc. which is more professional, more complex and more risky business software, is undoubtedly part of eliminating and reducing risk, such experience should be perceived by the traditional industry.

Common understanding and goals so that Henry and UF Zhiyuan Chen came together, their "marriage", and this is undoubtedly a good news!

We have reason to believe that: Ching Henry left a message after the construction of detours, from the beginning, starting with the day to day business aspects of office management, rationalize the basis for management, coordination of office management thought reform, promotion, integrated enterprise resource so that the information within the enterprise can fully, and share a high degree of unity, which enhance the operation of enterprises for Ching Henry, competitiveness and market responsiveness, to participate in international competition, meet the challenges of WTO undoubtedly laid the most solid management foundation!

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China's first "venture capital method" introduced by domestic investment and policy support to w

IT start-ups lack most is what?


11 months, known as China's first "Venture Capital Law," "Interim Measures on Management Venture Capital" (hereinafter referred to as "measures") formally introduced, which has been caught in between the Chinese IT venture capital is a landmark event.

"Financial Times" recently interviewed several venture capital firms and start-up companies, they generally felt that the "measures" put on the Mainland IT industry is of great significance, as the year Taiwan Province of China venture capital industry directly contributed to the rise of Taiwan's IT industry take-off and the Hsinchu Science and Technology industries.


This is the first half of this year, many venture capitalists did not think things.

When the first half of the Administration of Foreign Exchange issued a pair of venture capital to restrict foreign access to the "11th Man" and other policy, venture capitalists have become very cautious once.

However, the situation was surprisingly better.

"Many IT venture enterprises in the first half of the financing is difficult, several companies received almost no investment", IT World Network CEO Qin Gang said, in sharp contrast with the first half, second half of IT companies can be heard almost every week to take to investment.

Why is there such unexpected situations?

November 1, Administration of Foreign Exchange issued several amendments of the regulations, venture capitalists generally agreed that "foreign exchange policy of the Authority directly affects investment, the situation improved in the second half."

November 15, "Venture Capital Law," published, from the policy level is expanded and standardized environment for the survival of China's venture investment.

Domestic venture capital mainly from foreign investment, the model is fully a "two out" - funds from overseas, venture capital firms out of the system is dependent on the overseas market.

Once the risk of exchange controls to strengthen investment, venture capital will be like a fishbone stuck in the throat.

Has a direct impact on venture capital business of the IT enterprise. According to a venture capital consultancy and Qing dynasties estimates, SAFE's "No. 11" was unveiled, the domestic IT venture company financing is very much affected, once a standstill.

Compared to "two out" of the overseas venture capital, lack of local venture capital companies and stock market strength of the exit, has been in a slow growth phase, IT start-up companies access to investment opportunities for local wind is very small.

"Procedures" marks the advent of the first Chinese venture capital companies have the policy level support, it has been described as China's venture capital industry, "adult ceremony", it could greatly increase the start-ups have access to investment opportunities.

Breakthrough point

In the past, domestic venture capitalists main problem is the lack of exit mechanism to restrict the proportion of investment, venture capital company's dividend yield from enterprises to small and slow investment in their liquidity.

The new "approach" from the policy level to solve a part of the problem.

For example, the provisions of state and local governments can set up Venture Capital Fund, to provide financing through equity participation and guarantees, etc. to support the establishment of venture investment and development company.

RSS technology providers professional, a vice president of the view that, like them, are prepared to finance start-up companies, the introduction of this policy, the greatest good may be it clear to the venture capital business tax support .

In fact, in some venture capital industry in developed countries and regions have developed policies to support venture capital tax. "Procedures" is also clearly defined "national use tax policy to support venture capital business development, and guide them to increase small and medium enterprises, especially small and medium high-tech business investment," The specific measures shall be formulated separately, and strive to introduce as soon as possible.

Exit mechanisms are also some positive changes, such as "actively promote the construction of multi-level capital market system, improve corporate venture capital investment exit mechanism", the withdrawal mechanism may include the future of GEM and property rights trading market, foreign investors can have a positive meaning.

Hope that the tax incentives

The risk of major domestic investment adviser and General Manager, CHEN Li-Ching said the government hoped the "measures" to establish an effective mechanism to encourage more capital flow to the market, on the territory of the capital is positive.

But he also said, "" approach "is not perfect." Example of the manager's incentives, "means" do not support the limited partner and limited partner system is a foreign venture investors, one of the main incentives.

Tax policy is another very important aspect, if the light has a policy, the lack of actual tax support, "means" the actual meaning is compromised.

CHEN Li-that certainly would put state and local tax benefits actually, it can encourage risk capital into IT and other high technology fields.

Taiwan Province is an example: of the last century 80's the rise of venture capital in Taiwan, and the corresponding tax incentives to venture capital firms in Taiwan Province was a rapid development, just 20 years, Taiwan's IT industry in the world lead a lot of attention, at present, Taiwan has nearly 300 venture capital companies.

Currently, Taiwan has entered a mature venture capital competition period, the profitability has declined, IT industry, the trend of moving to mainland China is also evident, Acer, investment recovery and other venture capital firms also have operations in the Mainland.

If the introduction of tax incentives for real good, no doubt there will be more of Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas venture capital into the Mainland.

2006 was the beginning of the golden age of venture capital in China, the reporter interviewed several more well-known venture capitalists.

"This is good news." DFJ vice president of SUN Wenhai told the "Financial Times," China "means" come out of great significance to China venture capital in 2006 will be the number of venture investment in China to expand their year.

Hina Xi Wang, Managing Director with a "good" word to describe the risk of investment in 2005 is a good year.

Source of innovation policy in conjunction Chen Keyi also think that in 2006 there will be more investors into China, the competition will be more intense.

A few months ago are still responsible for venture investment Cisco's Zhou Yinghua are told reporters that there are many venture capital are preparing to enter China, he himself is a U.S. venture capitalists will be introduced to China.

And Qing dynasties estimates, there are 700 million U.S. dollars last year overseas venture capital into China, the first half of 2005, this figure reached 1.6 billion U.S. dollars, the year at least more than 2 billion U.S. dollars, in 2006 this number could be further refreshed.


Shenzhen, the number of venture capital institutions and venture capital ranks first in the country. As of the end of 2004, 193 venture capital firms in Shenzhen accounted for 1 / 3, total 13 billion yuan venture capital accounts for 2 / 5. On this basis, venture capital firms across the country about 579, the National Venture Capital a total of about 32.5 billion yuan.

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Hong Kong PCCW Privatization Commission will vote by sealed-depth inquiry

In a noisy and confused after the shareholder meeting, "Little Superman" in Hong Kong PCCW's Richard Li privatization program finally agreed. However, the sudden intervention of Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, take away the voting record and further inquiries, so awful twists and turns of the transaction on the regeneration of the variables.

4 February evening, the industry concerned about PCCW shareholders meeting. This is the privatization of PCCW, one of the most difficult pass, because only small shareholders nod to complete the deal. Richard Li and China Unicom offered to buy a share of 4.5 HK PCCW, the transaction amounted to 17.0 billion Hong Kong dollars. Richard Li and China Unicom are the two major shareholders of PCCW. Last year in November, the two have not yet announced the joint acquisition of 35.5 million shares held by PCCW shares (approximately 52.42% of the shares). December 30, for fear of being rejected, the two partners in the acquisition of 4.2 yuan per share last-minute bid for the Hong Kong dollar to 4.5 Hong Kong dollars.

This is the privatization of PCCW, Richard Li to make the third hard. However, due to dissatisfaction with the privatization offer, some small shareholders expressed strong opposition, even once the exposure "vote rigging" event. Have reported that it was free to hundreds of insurance brokers in exchange for shares of PCCW presented them to vote. 3 PCCW for this month issued an urgent notice to clarify, that no improper transfer of shares.

According to Hong Kong media reports, this general meeting of shareholders on-site noise and confusion. A small shareholders more than an hour, he rushed to the venue in advance and carried out in series, jointly signed a petition opposing privatization. Also proposed to defer the minority shareholders to vote for "vote rigging" the incident pending the outcome of the investigation. However, these encounters are the result of failure to stop voting, more than 75% of the company's shareholders in favor of privatization.

However, the dramatic is a result of alleged improper transfer of shares, the SFC in Hong Kong closed down after the general meeting of shareholders to vote the voting paper. Yesterday, the Beijing Morning News reporters Zhi Dian and Xiang Gang Commission, the relevant person in charge confirmed that an in-depth inquiry on the matter. PCCW spokesman told reporters that the news did not know of any improper conduct stock transfer. If there are no accidents, the company will be held Feb. 24 to the High Court hearing, which is the last one PCCW privatization process was.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Large LCD and plasma was born in the price of 30,000 yuan or more Changhong

Yesterday, Mianyang Changhong headquarters a festivity. Day, with independent intellectual property rights made the biggest flat-panel TV --- 55 inches LCD TV and 65-inch plasma TV was born in Sichuan Changhong, and to achieve mass production. This is the second in 2002 Changhong launched the industry's largest 30-inch LCD TV was the industry to hold the event again after the pull. It is understood that production of two product lines to China's first fully independent intellectual property rights to enjoy the biggest flat-panel production lines, production of technical standards fully meet the 120-inch flat panel TV above the level.

Yesterday afternoon, Sichuan Changhong, held a grand "largest flat-panel production line built the largest flat panel TV volume off the assembly line cum" ceremony, 100 guests from the community were invited to participate. Changhong Vice Chairman, Executive Vice President Liu Bin, and the body of digital flat panel displays, general manager of Changhong CHEN Ning, Changhong Marketing (China) General Manager Guo Dexuan and technical experts, Changhong, a sensory evaluation division to attend ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Chang Ning, general manager of digital flat panel displays, said Changhong launched the first of the largest flat-panel TV and mass production, which is integrated upstream and downstream resources, Changhong, the results of the implementation of technology innovations, marks the level of Changhong flat chain operations to a whole new level. He also revealed that two models from the design input, research and development to trial by Changhong, "Teacher Evaluation and feel" full participation and full sense of belonging, "and feel products."

It is understood that Changhong 55-inch LCD and 65-inch plasma TV with a number of patented technologies Changhong, system applications, "flat-panel imaging golden triangle" of audio and video integrated systems, horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 176 degrees, highlighting the industry unique, in the light, dark watch mode optical field. In addition, the series for the first time using touch-button design, Blu-ray arising from the operation demonstrated technology charm.

On-site experts, Changhong flat newly built production line is by far the largest, highest-tech production line of flat-panel TVs, meet from 7 inches to 120 inches above the mass production of a full range of flat-panel TV requirements. The production line adopts parts processing, surface mount, wave soldering, ESD protection, the appearance of a number of Changhong patent protection, test instrumentation, technology management are at the international advanced level.

The expert analysis, Changhong have independent intellectual property rights and the largest flat panel TV product line also displayed before the public, marked the intellectual property system in the industry, Changhong building taken a substantial step.


Listing price in mid-June more than 30,000

Changhong 55-inch LCD TV and 65-inch plasma TV, when a listed company? Yesterday, Changhong Marketing (China) General Manager Guo Dexuan said Changhong 1000 first-order 55-inch and 65 inch flat panel TV, in mid-June, global availability, provided the first major European countries, advertising and e-commerce operators. Chengdu consumers can see the product in mid-June. As the price of the product, Guo said the good time being disclosed. According to industry sources, based on current market conditions, estimate the price of 3 million yuan.

Changhong large flat-panel listing of strategy is very beneficial for their flat. Earlier, the domestic authority of the monitoring body of data shows that this 1 to 5 months, Changhong flat-panel TV sales grew 380% market share among the "top three" in Sichuan and Chongqing, North China and East China regional market share has soared to No. 1 .


Changhong is the new rising power

"The future is a large plate era." Yesterday, Vice Chairman Chang, Deputy General Manager Liu Bin, passionate body said. Liu said the maximum size of the market for the 50-inch LCD, plasma 63 inches, and basically dominated by the Japanese and Korean enterprises. Changhong The large volume flat products offline, at least three points, one, reflects the advantage of Changhong's technology scale; 2, indicating Changhong is the rapid rise of the power of a large plate; 3, breaking the Japanese and Korean companies in large flat monopoly.

With the new "weapons and ammunition"

Yesterday, Changhong Marketing (China) General Manager Guo Dexuan, very happy at the production site. He laughed and said, made the biggest flat-panel TV --- 55-inch LCD TV and 65-inch plasma TV was born in Sichuan Changhong is significant, fully illustrates the transformation of Changhong's strength and success of Changhong. The future, including 120-inch flat panel, Changhong may also pioneered. Guo high hopes for this group of products, said the move will mean "for our marketing team to provide new weapons and ammunition."


Changhong to build "digital Supremacy"

Changhong, China's color TV industry has a pivotal role. During the past decades, Changhong successfully seized the CRT color TV, projection TV two opportunities for industrial upgrading, became the world's second-largest TV company, today Zhao Yong has achieved at flat-panel TVs, whether or not to rewrite China and the world TV industry structure it? Perhaps the recent action from Changhong find the answers.

The new bureau opened flat

With the rise of flat-panel TV market, foreign giants have unanimously thrown their own "plate" strategy, not only the traditional home appliance giant, "rush", even Dell, HP, Motorola, IT, telecommunications companies have to share. On December 20 last year, Changhong has finally unveiled the mystery for everyone.

In the press conference, Changhong was declared fully into the flat panel television, flat panel industry on R & D, manufacturing and marketing policies to tilt towards the world within two years, three flat-panel TV manufacturers, TV manufacturers from a traditional to information appliances, digital media developers of successful transition.

Deputy general manager of Changhong, said Zheng Guangqing, Changhong will take the following aspects of the strategy: First, plans to invest 1 billion yuan for the flat-panel TV technology development; two, seize the trend of 3C integration, the user build a flat-panel TV for the terminal digital home entertainment center; 3, open up the flat industrial chain, and upstream and downstream parts supplier companies to form a strong industry cluster, to play a chain competitive advantage.

To break the blockade Technology

It is understood that flat panel TV is a new development trend of China's color TV enterprises are to achieve a greater development, it must occupy high ground in the field of flat panel TVs.

Changhong promotion of high-profile flat-panel TVs, flat-panel TV is the key technology of capturing the "Golden Triangle plate imaging." It is understood that "flat-panel imaging Golden Triangle" is the world's most advanced flat-panel TV technology, X-power super power chip, five-time intelligence "golden ratio" and the ultra-fine screen in Korea three organic integration, so that Product image quality and sound effects have a breakthrough to improve and effectively overcome the ordinary flat TV brightness is not high, and poorly, trailing "fuzzy" and the fulfillment of 720p, 1080p high-definition formats such as global digital reception. The technology of capture means that Changhong had first broken the blockade of multinational technology so that the quality of domestic flat-panel TV is enough and comparable to foreign brands.

To create a flat myth?

Flat-panel TV is only "digital Changhong," the first step, Changhong ultimate goal is to rely on digital technology, integrated wired and wireless networks, and construct a terminal for the main family TV multimedia information center, to achieve interoperability between appliances to form a fully meet user needs, "digital home", to best satisfy people's growing need for audio-visual entertainment. This is the biggest task facing Zhao Yong.

Industry insiders believe that the current flat-panel TV brand in Japan and South Korea are still dominant, but with the consumer market development and domestic enterprises such as Changhong, research and development, personnel, and funding increase investment, product advantage will become increasingly prominent on the Century 90's expulsion of foreign domestic color TV brands together achieved a major victory for the brand and, ultimately, history may repeat itself.


Changhong Digital Flat Display Company Profile

R & D team, professional digital flat panel display company has a team of doctors, masters, national and provincial figures show that more than 150 technical experts composed of high-quality R & D team, including professional bachelor degree or above accounted for more than 90%.

Great technological innovation through the accumulation of years of R & D capabilities, the company has developed with independent intellectual property rights in the rear, "a new cooling technology", "intelligent digital progressive scan conversion," and many other advanced international and domestic leading rear projection core technology, "flat-panel imaging Golden Triangle" and almost a hundred patents.

Changhong introduced flat-panel digital flat panel display manufacturing plant the company flat-panel manufacturing plant was established in 2002, is specialized in LCD TV, plasma TV and display manufacturing establishments. Changhong now has its own manufacturing plant design, installation of advanced plasma production lines, large-screen LCD production line, small-screen LCD production line, production line of several movement. Since its establishment, has formed a liquid crystal and plasma flat panel products from 7 inches to 120 inches or more, a total of over a hundred kinds of products, strong production lineup, with annual output of 100 million digital flat panel display production capacity, to become the largest flat panel products production base.


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Monday, July 26, 2010

Flash5 ActionScript Advanced Programming Guide (8)

Third, the use of custom functions

Third, understanding: the essence of the object structure. This is already mentioned in section I passed, but made no specific explanation. Familiar with object-oriented language friends all know that the object is in the class of pre-defined, and is scheduled to die, can not be changed. However, as 3.1-style as, FAS method of the object as if it was strong from the outside added to object to, and use the assignment form, and the function body must be able to access the object through this subject.鐜板湪锛屽鏋滄垜浠妸FAS涓殑瀵硅薄姒傚康鐞嗚В涓篊璇█涓殑缁撴瀯浣擄紝鑰屾妸瀵硅薄鏂规硶鐞嗚В涓虹粨鏋勪綋涓殑鍑芥暟鎸囬拡鍙橀噺锛屽啀鏉ョ湅鐪?.1寮忥紝鏄笉鏄氨鍙戠幇鍘熸潵鎵?皳鐨勫畾涔夋柟娉曞彧涓嶈繃鏄湪缁欏嚱鏁版寚閽堝彉閲忚祴鍊肩舰浜嗐?鍐嶈仈鎯充竴涓嬶紝鏄笉鏄張鍙戠幇鍏跺疄涓嶇敤浠?箞鏃犲悕鍑芥暟锛屼笉鐢ㄤ粈涔?prototype涔熷彲浠ヤ竴鏍峰畾涔夊璞℃柟娉曠殑锛?br />銆??function myMethod() {
銆??銆??return 1;
銆??function myObject() {
this.method = myMethod;
銆??myobj = new myObject; // 3.2寮?br />銆??trace(myobj.method()); // 杈撳嚭 1
涓嶈繃鏈変竴鐐规槸鐗规畩鐨勶紝FAS閲岀殑瀵硅薄鍙互闅忔椂浠绘剰娣诲姞鎴愬憳銆傚叾瀹炶鐧戒簡鎵?皳鏋勯?鍑芥暟灏辨槸鍦ㄤ负涓?釜宸插畾涔夊ソ鐨勫璞℃坊鍔犳垚鍛樿?宸层?杩欎篃灏辨槸璇磋薄涓婇潰杩欐绋嬪簭鎴戜滑鍙互杩炴瀯閫犲嚱鏁颁篃鐪佷簡锛?br />銆??function myMethod() {
銆??銆??return 1;
銆??myobj = new Object; // 3.3寮?br />銆??myobj.method = myMethod;


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